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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ah, The Wee Ones

This recent post at The Sneeze was quite funny. I think if you have kids it'll be more interesting but more/less funny depending on how old your kids are (i.e. how recently they destroyed something you spent a lot of money on).

Which brings up this recent story about my nephews. My parents were babysitting (my nephews are 7 and 11 years old, I think) and my dad finally got my nephews to go to bed sometime after 11. This was, of course, after much discussion about how "Mom always lets us stay up this late" etc. , etc. You were a kid, you know the drill. My dad was a kid too--off to bed they went.

Not much later my dad grew suspicious at the complete and utter lack of noise coming from their rooms. He checked one room and found nobody there. He checked the other and saw that they were both quietly asleep in the top bunk. Too quiet. On closer inspection, my nephews turned out to have coconut heads anbd pillow bodies. My dad found them in another room playing some video game. "Did you think you could fool me?" he asked them. "We already did," was the reply.

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