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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Bigger BM Has Rarely Been Seen

In this previous post about the Radio Shack CEO, I didn't notice that in the quote is actually said "the company's board issued an unsigned statement that it stood behind its CEO..." [emphasis mine].
In the latest development comes this:

In reference to an earlier statement the company made in support of Edmondson, [RadioShack Executive Chairman Leonard] Roberts said, "In retrospect, I wish we didn't make that statement because obviously we didn't know all the facts."
Let's go back [begin harp music] a week or so when the board issued, but did not sign, that statement and listen in on the proceedings, shall we?
Board Member #1: So we are all agreed that we issue this statement. OK, you sign it it first.
BM #2: Uhm, oh, my pen just ran out of ink. Let me grab a new one.
BM #3: Here, use my pen.
BM #2 (leaving): No, this is my lucky pen. You go ahead [#3].
BM #3: Shouldn't the person who's been on the board the longest sign first?
BM #4: I don't think board seniority has anything to with it. Just sign it.
BM #5 (rushing out): Excuse me, my spastic colon is acting up, I might be a while.
BM #3: I'm not going to sign it. You sign it.
BM #1: I'm not going to sign. Hey, let's get Mikey. He'll sign anything!
Well with all those BMs in one room, what did you expect? Things to come out smelling like roses?

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