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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yo, Taxi!

I've been reading this blog about by a female cab driver in New York lately. Quite interesting. It's part Taxi Cab Confessions (with less sex) and part "my job"-type blog, though I've yet to have time to go through the archives. Here's a TCC-type quote from a recent entry:

So while I ended up having a pretty lucky night, someone I drove home got lucky. I picked up a young couple in SoHo. They said they were making two stops, and the guy insisted on dropping the girl off first even though it was out of the way. The whole way there, they were making out heavily in the back seat. When we finally reached her building, his chivalry paid off as she uttered those six magic words: "Do you want to come up?" He shoved the money at me before I even had a chance to shut the meter off, and couldn't get out of the cab fast enough.

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