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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This Title Is Blinking

I received in my mail one of those post office slips that let you know the post office has a package or something for you that they couldn't deliver. The slip indicated there were two certified pieces of mail...from the IRS.

The good news is that they weren't for me; they were for a previous tenant. Consider that I've been living at this place for a year and a half. Why doesn't the IRS know where the previous tenant is?

I imagine they've either died or gone underground. Working odd jobs for cash, they live outside the system. A fugitive from justice, they continue to try to prove their innocence and search for the one-armed man.

Or maybe those letters indicate that the IRS is trying to locate them to send them their refunds from a few years back. Who wants to play IRS lottery?

2000 years from now, when archaeologists dig up this area, they'll find that people sent money, huge amounts of money, to a god called IRS. They will infer that this was a very important god since His name was spelled with all CAPITAL LETTERS. They will wonder about the lesser gods, FBI, CIA, NSA and, of course, USPS. The last of these having many idols set about the country. 4' 2", painted blue and a giant mouth to feed it with letters of tribute.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I used to be a slave to the demi-god called USPS. But now I'm a REFORMED member, I'm allowed to feed/worship via a small wire. Sometimes, on special ocasions, I'm allowed to go ..... shhhh...... wireless!

Tim the Enchanter, no longer a slave to the blue demons!