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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh Please Be Potable

As I started to back out of the garage this morning I noticed a couple of drips of water on the back window. I assumed that they were drips from the garage door but, once I was out of the garage I had already discarded this theory. It hadn't rained overnight. My garage door had never dripped before.

I shut the car off and walked into the garage. There was water dripping from the ceiling. If you remember this post and knew what this morning's routine was, you might have experienced a similar combination of fear and disgust.

I dashed upstairs and checked the toilet. Nothing. (Whew!) The washing machine hoses seemed fine also. I called my apartment's maintenance line. Just as I told them I had a leak in my apartment, I checked the hot water heater. Bingo! I told them what the problem was and they said they'd send someone out.

From what I've seen of the company that runs my complex, I expect when I get home to find a the crappiest brand new water heater you can buy installed in my place. Ah, apartment living...

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