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Friday, November 03, 2006

And Winner Of The Most Offensive Award Show Is...

Latinos once again dominated the Latin Grammys when winners were announced last night.

The Latin Grammys have been dominated over the past several years by people like Colombian singer Shakira and Herve Villachaize (who is actually French but often mistaken for Mexican).

Non-Latino musicians rallied today against what they called a "clear and unambiguous prejudice" against them in the awards. "It's like they don't even consider us," complained a clearly offended Peter Frampton who came alive as he spoke.

Asked why there have been no protests before--even though this was the 7th year that Latinos have swept the awards--spokesman Johnny Mathis began, "Chances are..." but was cut-off as angry protesters started yelling racial slurs, such as "Hey, bring me a taco!" and "Do you have chimichangas?" at workers heading into the restaurant across the street.

The manager at the Taco Bell had no comment.

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