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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holy Sh*t

Almighty Cleanse.

What in the world could that be? Well, if nothing else it is the greatest infomercial ever.

Unfortunately, I missed about half. In the half I did see, the guy being interviewed, Danny Vierra, quoted Bible verses about Jesus curing blindness using mud and his spit and Isaiah telling someone to cure puss sores on his groin by holding figs on them (which is not quite what it says in Isaiah 38).

Then he somehow tied these verses into the need to use the Almighty Cleanse (noisy link) to stimulate "your digestive system to cleanse from within" and draw "toxins out of your system". Brilliant!

A quick look at the ingredients shows that these products might actually do something. Part 1 contains senna which acts as a laxative (think Senokot). Part 2 contains psyllium which is used as a bulk-prodiing laxative and fiber supplement (think Metamucil).

But the idea to combine religion and snake oil is brilliant. Both rely on people who refuse to do any critical thinking.

If you found your way here looking for information on whether you need this product, ask yourself this question: Does God give a sh*t about what's in your colon?

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