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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Read This Blog, Only $25/day!

I am officially declaring the parking situation at Newark Airport out of control. A quick look at the on-airport parking shows rates rates ranging from $36/day for valet, $24/day for what most people call the monorail lots and $15/day for the "BFE*, take the bus and hope you actually make your flight" lot.

The prices for the monorail lot and BFE lot are now double (were $12 and $8, respectively) from what they were in the 1998/1999 time frame.


  • Security - F*ck you, there is no more (nor need for more) parking security than 8 years ago. I've already blogged about the rest of their crack (maybe on crack) security team
  • New parking garages - F*ck you, there's no parking garage in the monorail or BFE lot. Charge whatever the f*ck you want in the garage.
  • Other airport projects - F*ck you, there are already taxes and fees up the wazoo for those and they have nothing to do with parking
  • Port Authority ridiculous salaries, subsidies for other PA projects and the dumb ass leasing agreement with Newark (note how the previous agreement was valid until 2031!) - That's a lot of f*ck you's
Of course, I don't park at the airport.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

* - definition (may not be work safe)

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