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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Look At The Glass As One-Eleventh Full

This news article states that in 22 recent tests where they attempted to sneak fake bombs (or other devices) through security at Newark Airport, only 2 were caught and the others got through. Many people will harp on how much money has been spent on security with little to show for it. Many will exclaim that we need to spend more on people/equipment/training. Many will say that this is exactly why we need to vote for Republicans/Democrats (as my wise grandmother often said, they're all crooks).

If we assume that there are plenty of imbeciles ready to meet their 70+ virgins*, and if we assume they are in the country, and if we assume they can get/make explosives then why aren't planes exploding out of the sky?

So what is the TSA doing about the security at Newark? Don't they are vigorously investigating and will certainly find the problem...the person who leaked the story.

* - I've got to point out that this is the one of the stupidest religious enticements ever. To paraphrase "It's the eternity, stupid!" With a finite number of virgins, the percentage of time spent deflowering approaches zero. Alternatively, you can spend eternity with virgins by not f*cking them but that sounds like it would be hell.

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