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Friday, November 17, 2006

Break One And It's 2000 Years Of Bad Luck

You may have heard that Toys for Tots turned down a donation of talking Jesus dolls a few days ago. In explaining their reasoning, the VP of the foundation said, "We can't take a chance on sending a talking Jesus doll to a Jewish family or a Muslim family."

"I believe as a churchgoing person, anyone can benefit from hearing the words of the Bible," said the clearly impartial head of business development for the talking Jesus doll company.

Today, they repented and said "Toys for Tots has found appropriate places for these items." Although they did not say where these dolls were destined, yours truly has discovered that it will be here. All the dolls are being reprogrammed to groan in Aramaic.

Also, a Danish company is rumored to be working on a similar Mohamed doll however it is not considered offensive enough to release.

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