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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tip #2: Bring Paper Towels

I ran today, nearly 9 miles. The weather was very nice, maybe a bit cold (41 degrees F when I started). The place I run is also a bridle path. I didn't see any horses today but clearly I had just missed them, and that brings me to my

Running Tip of the Day

When running on a cold day, there are many tricks to getting/staying warm: wearing a hat, wearing dark clothes, running in the sun vs. the shade. I don't think these will come as a surprise to anyone.

Jay's Tip #1 - If you happen to be running on a bridle path, the second grossest way to obtain some temporary warmth is to run near freshly deposited horse manure.

The grossest way, I assure you, is to trip while trying to use Jay's Tip #1.

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