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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stick Out Your Neck Hole

Just got my flu shot. Looking at last year's post on this subject I note no adverse reaction to the shot but a certain predilection for Shakespearean post titles.

As I walk in to the shooting room, people walking out (actually, only the men walking out) are either tucking their shirts back in or putting them back on. I'm wearing a mock turtleneck shirt today. I push the sleeve up to expose most of my triceps but that's about it. I ask wear the shot needs to go. "In the [something] deltoid," says the guy giving the shot.

Fortunately, I'm skinny and my shirt is stretchier than expected and I pop my shoulder up through the neck hole a little.

Me: "That enough?"
Shooter: "Fine."
(pause as he uncaps the needle)
Shooter: "You're gonna feel a little prick."
Me: "Like Mark Foley."
(pause for the shot)
Shooter: "That's a light colored shirt. Do you want a Band-Aid?"

Hopefully my reaction to the shot will be the same as the shooter's reaction to my joke.

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