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Monday, November 27, 2006

Merkin - Beard

This is embarrassing but for almost 20 years I've been browsing the Weddings/Engagements page of the Sunday paper and for the worst possible reason.

I just happened to look at the page one day and I saw Jane White and John Rice and the headline: White - Rice. I'm making up those first names but the last names are real. Thus started my quest for interesting name combinations and that's why I check the page every Sunday. I will note that I have never run across another interesting combination since White - Rice.

This past Sunday, I'm doing my normal browse when a picture catches my eye. Could that be? I check and the announcement confirms it. Charles and Keith got married. Now, maybe if you live in NYC or Massachusetts seeing an announcement for two men getting married is old hat but here in the Bethlehem, Nazareth and Emmaus (trust me, it's one of those cities, or don't trust me) area this is a big deal.

It took me a few seconds before I noticed that the headline for the happy gay couple was Frank - Baggs.

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