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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cold Pudding

Cold update: All remnants are just about gone. I'm only coughing up what appears to be banana pudding. A few days ago it was lumpy beef gravy, then butterscotch pudding, then turkey gravy. Hmmm, I'm getting hungry.

I note all this as I lay in my room listening to some neighbor's wretching sounds reflect into my room. It started with a good chchchchchcht, ptoo. After several of these it has now morphed into actual wretching. Hhhhchchchchchrrrrrrllllp, ptoo. Ptoo. I hope it stops soon. I don't feel like getting up to close the windows.
It finally stopped. That was a good three minutes of hocking and wretching. It was making me nauseous.

Oh, wait. After a few minutes break they are back again for two final hocks. That's got to do it.

Sorry. I really thought that was it but after another couple minutes of break there was one more. I'd feel foolish predicting that to be the last one. I might have to miss my train waiting for more...

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