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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rock Me, Amadeus

In Haarlem, Netherlands, I stayed at the Hotel Amadeus. I had/was getting over a cold the whole time so, although I thought it sucked, it might have seemed worse than it was. Here you can see the size (and number) of the steps to get to the rooms on the first floor. There were also rooms another flight up.
The mirror in the bathroom. Great height for me (notice me in the reflection) and recall I'm 6'6".And speaking of height, if you can see yourself in the mirror, you better duck when you use the toilet. The toilet is a bit weird as a #2 just lays on the porcelain. I tried using the thing sitting the other way but that didn't work right. When you flush, a Niagara of water tries its best to sweep things away, resembling a class 5 rapids pouring over a boulder...or a tree trunk, depending on what you've been eating.
Notice that my toothpaste is on the edge of the sink and not the shelf above. That's because the shelf was too flimsy to hold a tube of toothpaste.

On the good side, the bed is very comfortable and breakfast was decent. Also, the shower spigot was adjustable to Manute Bol heights.

There's more bad, the view (an air column), the air conditioner (right outside the window for cooling some other place; all the noise and none of the cooling!), the windows (giants but one was a time bomb if left open it would, after a random amount of time, slam closed and wake the dead), the covey of pigeons that roosted outside the window (coo coo, yourself), the noise of the market place stalls being built at 4am, the 13" TV (not viewable from the bed, with a dead remote).

But again, I was sick, so maybe it's just me.

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