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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stupidity Makes Me Want To Throw Up

It's all a big scam. X-ray your shoes, no liquids, and we put up with it. Why? Because we're morons. Morons shoes being X-ray'ed by moron X-ray operators. And it's all BS.

In order to meet all those brilliant new rules I checked everything except my laptop and camera. Unfortunately, that included my meclizine and I was forced to get Dramamine from the airport store. I was a bit amazed that they don't totally rape you on the price, $2.29 for four "chewable" tablets. Normally, Dramamine is about $5 for 12 pills, I think. Worse is that Dramamine sucks and they're about as chewable as aspirin (not baby aspirin either). Dramamine only works for 4-6 hours.

Luckily it was a smooth flight so the Dramamine went untested. On the flight I had a aisle seat in the middle section (a 2-4-2 seating arrangement) with only one other person in the row. They moved to the next row up and I immediately peed on all four seats to mark my territory. After we were in the air, I put up all the armrests and laid across all four seats (still not enough space to straighten my legs but not bad). I felt it only fair to not lean any of the seats back to impinge on the people behind me. I dozed on/off for about 5 hours.

I woke, blurry eyed, realizing I had packed my contacts and glasses. I had only a 2 oz. bottle of saline and I used about half cleaning the gunk from my eyes. I figured I fix things after we got to Frankfurt to change planes.

Well, Germany, unlike the US, has figured out that I don't need to carry my checked bags through customs. I would not be getting my bags for another 3 hours, after we were in Dusseldorf.

Finally, at the hotel, I was unpacking and couldn't find my glasses. I checked the usual places, inside my toiletry bag, inside my shoes, nothing. I finally found them, in my computer bag, which had been with me the whole time. Just like I said; we're all morons.

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