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Thursday, September 07, 2006

What The Drücken

Most people ignored me but the ones that didn't stared in disbelief. The look on their faces told me that people around Dusseldorf aren't used to seeing people running in the morning. Two woman immediately turned to find their child before I ran past. One of them was riding a bike with a third wheel thingie for her daughter.

Partly I was out for some exercise, partly I needed to get some Euro cash. Mostly I was running down the sidewalk but I found a pedestrian path and went down it. A couple were walking with their dogs, only one of which was on a leash. The other rushed up to me and I had to stop running. I started yelling at the dog, "Nein! Nein!" The owners got him under control and I ran away thinking "Good thing I know how to speak German to dogs."

I stopped at the Deutsche Bank. They had four ATMs inside the first door. Someone was using one and when I pulled on the door, it was locked. I figured at that hour, only one person was allowed in at a time so I patiently waited. After maybe 30 seconds of waiting another person came up, looked at me strangely (I figured it was the running outfit) then pushed the door open and went in.

"Ah! Drücken!" I said. This is one of the few German words I know but it was not on the door or I would have known to push. He laughed, realizing that I must have been pulling on the door. I danke'd him and ran back toward the hotel. I think I'll keep the running down to twice a week.

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