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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coming Soon: Vaginagirl!

There's nothing like a mini Dickmann. They're just the right size to put in your mouth. I like the dark ones but they also have Caucasian and something in between for those with more exotic tastes. If you suck on one long enough they fill your mouth with a sticky white substance which you can spit out or swallow.

You can also get Super Dickmanns which are bigger (Superdicken!) and Dickmann's CocoCabana (the hottest spot north of her Vanna) and Dicke Partytipps (great for a briss!). Watch Dicke TV Spots where men, woman and children gobble Dickmanns. And don't miss the Dicker Spaß im Netz page which screams Dick, Dicker, Superdicker! and has emoticon in the upper right of the screen showing just what to do with any Dick. [warning: you may want to mute first if you are at work] [warning: this is disturbing] You know you want to click it.

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