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Thursday, September 21, 2006

For Bitte Or Wurst

Did you ever get kicked the head? With an iron boot?

No. Of course you haven't. Nobody has. That's a stupid question.

I have plenty of stories but not the time to tell them right now. I hope later to add some.

A tidbit: on the trip from Haarlem to Garmisch (10+ hours) I noticed this: The terrain from the train is mainly quite plain. (Stop groaning, I thought that was pretty snappy.)


Anonymous said...

I am so burnt that I didn't even get it until my 3rd cup of coffee.


Zimbo said...

At least I know you're still alive now...

But I can't wait until the idiomatic UN-programming starts when you are to be coming back...

talljay said...

mess - I would have expected 4. I'll take 3 as a compliment.

Zimbo - You can't even imagine how happy I was to get back to Germany for the "familar" language I couldn't understand. It was weird.