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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Where To Eat In Düsseldorf

This will be more of an informational post to help those travellers heading to Düsseldorf.

If you are looking for classic German food the previously mentioned Zum Schiffchen is the place.

If you get tired of pig knuckles, Schnitzel and Wurst, I heartily recommend Bim's Marktwirtschaft (don't look for the word Bim's, though, we didn't see it anywhere) which serves delicious Mediteranean-style food and, as a bonus, you can get English menus. Our server also translated the specials for us.

I had the gnocchi special which had long, skinny mushrooms and pumkin slices in a tasty sauce. It was delicious but too much to finish. My colleague had another special which was a large, nearly bocce ball size cut of pork covered in spinach and some kind of chopped nuts, all surrounded by a pastry crust. Similar to Beef Wellington except with pork instead of beef...and spinach/nuts instead of mushrooms...but these are minor trifles. It was surrounded on the plate with gnocchi in a Gorgonzola sauce. Spectacular! Bring a healthy appetite.

Despite our being full, we stopped of at Pia for Eis (ice cream). I don't know why but ice cream is ridiculously cheap here (the entire city). 50 Euro cents for a single scoop cone is normal. Try a double scoop for 1 Euro, Schokolade und Banane.

Don't know if I will have Internet access over the next week but if I do there will surely be posts. Auf wiedersehen.

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