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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Fun With Wörter

Well, what would you think if you saw this sign? Urologist office?

I looked up the words in a German-English dictionary to find uhren means clocks (or maybe watches) and schmuck means jewelry. Jewelry!

Now, anybody reading this probably knows that the schmuck is Yiddish for penis. Since Yiddish is mostly derived from German and mostly spoken by Jews, it follows that Jews must think of the penis as a piece of jewelry.

Interestingly, a recent survey found that, of different groups, Jewish women were least likely to have their tongues pierced. The reason given was that Jewish women do not put jewelry in their mouths.

Thank you. I be hyah all da week.


Anonymous said...

Does "family jewels" ring a bell? Probably why they call them schmuck. :)

talljay said...

I don't know how far back the phrase "family jewels" goes but that's certainly not an unreasonable etymology.

Or maybe there was this guy named Schmuck who acted like a, uh, schmuck and so people started saying "Don't be a Schmuck!" And today, schmucks far outnumber Schmucks.