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Friday, September 01, 2006

Haribo*? Nein!

As I prepare to head back to Germany, I'm looking through the TSA's list of what's allowed and what's not on a plane. Some of the more interesting items:

  • Personal lubricants - Up to 4 oz. (check or carry-on is OK)
  • Mouthwash or Toothpaste (checked OK, no carry-on)
Note to self: bring mint flavored lubricant as substitute.
  • Swords, Sabers, Firearms, Axes, Cattle Prods, Billy Clubs, Brass Knuckles and Kubatons [???] (checked OK, no carry-on)
  • Cheese in pressurized containers, Jell-O and Whipped Cream (checked OK, no carry-on)
Note to self: check on nutritional value of mint flavored personal lubricant or consider banana as an alternative. Also, check whether Easy Cheese can be used as a personal lubricant.

* - Haribo is a German candy maker famous for gummy bears. [highlight for explanation]

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